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Experience the Allagash and upper St. John River Valleys as natives do... our special places.

Settled by Scots-Irish in the early 1800's, Allagash's culture and heritage is distinct in the largely Acadian/Quebecois St. John River Valley. The vast timber and logging enterprises drew the early pioneers and logging remained the primary economic engine for generations. A uniquely high percentage of local families here today are direct descendants of those original settlers, a fact that accentuates our distinct character and closeness to the land. Learn more about our history under the link.




Present day Allagash offers much to people looking to live in a safe area with a more relaxed pace and to travelers that seek solitude, comfort and both natural and cultural immersion. The population is a bit over 230 and 71% is in the 35 plus age class. Allagash is an outpost community at the entry to Maine's vast private forestlands. Imagine a town embedded in a landscape of outstanding natural beauty embraced by the Upper St. John and Allagash Rivers. It is home to authors, artists and musicians; crafters, quilters and woodworkers, photographers, naturalists and outfitters and hardworking persons of many trades… an eclectic place.  You may be surprised to learn that we have a library, municipal services, community center, historical museum, settlements and collections, places of worship and direct access to vast recreational resources. Our kids go to regional schools in the service center of Fort Kent and we continue to explore and support educational  options. There are a growing number of residents who have moved here to experience the difference that is Allagash, a community with a resonant peacefulness, distinct culture and an old time, small town friendliness. We are intrigued by this interest. Why Allagash?


Remember, it is people that keep communities alive. Allagash welcomes people... People with roots in the community, people with your interests and talents, people who have achieved a measure of success, people with enough life experience to know what they want, people who are financially secure or still seek their fortune, people with a desire to invest, people to travel, visit and experience this place we love, people who love the outdoors and revel in natural beauty and solitude, people to weave the social fabric.  Could Allagash be for you? Get to know us more under the links above. Plan to visit this year.



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